Naikan Questions

"Look deep inside with naikan therapy"

NAIKAN three questions: 

The practice of Naikan Therapy is based on answering three basic questions and reflecting (through meditation) on the nature of relationships with various people in our lives.

Question 1:  What have I received from________:   

This question enables us to appreciate what others do for us, and how the world supports us.  Noticing the actions of others, however subtle, even from strangers, can help prevent us from becoming overwhelmed by life's obstacles.  It may be as simple as someone opening the door for you when you had your hands full.  It could be as profound as reflecting on what was given to you by a person with whom you have a difficult relationship.

Question 2: What have I given to_________:  

This reflects of the opposite and encourages you to see what you have given to others.   This balances reflections on what you have received.

Question 3: What trouble and difficulties have I caused________: 

This final question may be the most difficult.  We are often much more aware of the trouble and inconvenience that other people cause for us, and we may not like looking at how we sometimes make life difficult for others.  This question enables us to thoroughly examine our own behaviour, and how our actions impact on others.  It is not meant to cause guilt or shame, or lower self-esteem, but can help us modify our behaviour, if we choose to.  Self-esteem and self-image is often built upon how we interact with others and life in general.

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“You are fooled by your mind into believing there is tomorrow, so you may waste today.” ISHIN YOSHIMOTO”

― Gregg Krech, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace, and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection